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The Obscure Library

28 Feb, 2023

The Bottomless, by Johann Nachtigal

Immerse yourself in the dark history of the Harz Mountains in Germany with this tale from the book "Volcks-Sagen", by Johann Konrad Christoph Nachtigal (1753-1819). Much like the Brothers Grimm who came after him, he was a collector of folk tales, yet his work remains largely unknown today. Enjoy this chilling story of a knight and his squire as they face both natural and supernatural perils.

Text of the translation:
Translation of "Das Grundlos", by Johann Konrad Christoph Nachtigal

Entry about Johann Nachtigal in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, volume 23 (1886).

Original text of "Das Grundlos", in German.

Portrait of Johann Nachtigal.

Illustrations used in this video:
Motionless, Steel-Clad Figure by Howard Pyle
Gun to My Throat by Jean Gigoux
The Upper Lake — Killarney by William Henry Bartlett
Burg Klamm by Clarkson Stanfield
Brunhilde’s Castle by Th. Hoffmann
Jugglers and Acrobats at the Castle by Gustave Doré
The Tale Hath Here an End by Unknown Artist
Horse's Profile by Samuel Howitt
York Cathedral, Crypt under the Altar by Frederick Mackenzie
Cried Out Pitifully by Émile Bayard
In the Vast Forest by Mary Hallock Foote
Castle Dangerous — Frontispiece by Henry Macbeth-Raeburn
The Cock and the Fox by Ernest Griset
Oh, Fast He Rode by Edward Henry Corbould
Looking into the Crater by Unknown Artist
Drove His Blade by Louis Rhead
Chillon Castle by Alexandre Calame and François-Louis Français
They Got Hold of Her Cloak by Unknown Artist
Punishment by Albert Robida
Inhabitants of the Sea by Alphonse de Neuville

All illustrations were provided by Old Book Illustrations.

Title card:
Abtei im Eichwald by Caspar David Friedrich.

Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie, performed by Abydos Music.