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The Obscure Library

About The Obscure Library

Hello, my name is Victoria Fattore and I am the creator of the Youtube channel and podcast The Obscure Library.

The Obscure Library was created as a way of sharing my love for weird old literary works with those of similar interests. I have always loved reading fantastical stories, especially if they were written before the 20th century, and in looking for more material, I have come across delightful stories which have never been translated into English. Since I am a professional translator, I decided to take matters into my own hand and start translating and sharing those works with a wider public. Thus The Obscure Library was born.

Here you can find videos with readings of those new translations, the audio of these videos in podcast form, the text of the translations, and also a secondary podcast, The Obscure Canon, where I read my favourite works of English-speaking authors.

The Portuguese version of The Obscure Library can be found at

I hope that you enjoy my selection of obscure tales!

About me

I have 16 years of experience as a translator and editor.

I grew up bilingual (German and Spanish) and, due to moving abroad, acquired two more languages at a young age (Brazilian Portuguese and English). Growing up in a multicultural household and being a global nomad has gifted me with a very acute sensitivity for cultural differences, and the ways to bridge them to ensure a better communication. I was born in Argentina and have resided in Austria, Germany, the US and Brazil.

Contact information

Please send all enquiries to

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